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A Daddy's Dream

A father should be a daughter’s first love and the bond between father and daughter is one of the most important relationships a girl will ever have. As a father to three daughters, it was my responsibility to show them how a man should treat a woman and what it is to be treated well. I knew if I set the best example, my girls would grow up to be strong, independent women with a sense of their own self-worth and choose healthy relationships.

Alexander and Renee Versus Dr. DeCay

I cracked one of my front teeth while playing outside with friends and had the good fortune to have it fixed with a cap. My dental experience had a good outcome but not so for a 12-year-old who died in 2007 from a brain infection resulting from an untreated tooth abscess. I wrote this story of Dr. DeCay and his desire to “ruin your teeth” to educate children how dental care is essential for your overall well-being and health.

Be A Change Agent For Your Community

Gun violence and gangs impact communities. This book tells the story of the killing of an innocent child during a drive by shooting. To show how and why a community needs to be involved in change, the story unfolds with the public coming together to heal and provide ways to stop the violence. The change comes with gang members now walking children to school, preventing drugs from being sold in their neighborhoods, and celebrating community day at a park. The book shares the positive impact that ONS has had by significantly decreasing gun homicides in the city in less than 10 years.

Be The Change (Elementary Edition)

This book was created to give youth and their families a better understanding of the role of probation and to demonstrate probation officers and juvenile correctional counselors’ commitment, dedication, and desire to help all youth. This book is the elementary version that brings awareness to this essential role in our community.

Be The Change (Teen Edition)

This book was created to give youth and their families a better understanding of the role of probation and to demonstrate probation officers and juvenile correctional counselors’ commitment, dedication, and desire to help all youth. This book is the elementary version that bring awareness to this essential role in our community.

California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control Youth Educational Book

Twenty five percent of fatal teen accidents involve underage drinking. This book was inspired by the Casey Goodwin case, which changed the law, making the person providing alcohol to minors respon- sible. The story opens with teens involved in an alcohol related car crash that ends in the death of a girl. ABC agents investigate the party and the adult who provided the alcohol is arrested. The story continues with ABC agents making presentations to students about the dangers of underage drinking and ways not to succumb to peer pressure. The book includes resources for parents and children. *Written at request of Alcoholic Beverage Control agency

Excited To Serve

Being part of something greater than you can lead to a better life. I wrote this book to inspire children and parents to join a service organization to make the world a better place for all. The story has two immigrant teens as the protagonists in the story. They move into a new community and are initially met with negative interactions, but soon are befriended by teens who are a part of a school service club. Through this relationship, the teens help create a community day to bring everyone together to share their backgrounds, enjoy entertainment, food, music, and each other’s company.

Help Me Understand Opioids

The opioid epidemic is a major problem in our country and around the world. Overdoses both fatal and nonfatal continue to have a significant impact in communities regardless of economics or status. This book was created to give youth, adults and their families a better understanding of the danger of opioids.

I Want To Be Saved

During the summer of 1982 at age 15, I joined the “mourning bench”, a two-week church activity for children to learn the lessons of the bible. I was that boy in the book. This experience of taking an opportunity to rectify “a wrong” was transformational in instilling the idea of doing what is right, even when no one is looking and the right choice could save a life.

I Want To Fly

When I was a child in Columbus, MS, I spent time with my grandfather as he grilled the best BBQ for a local store. Between batches, I would lay out in the fields and look up into the sky wanting to fly. Through excelling in school and ethics taught by my grandpa while working with him, I made my dream come true. I Want To Fly! was written to inspire “dreamers” that childhood dreams can become a reality and that there are generous people who can and will help.

Let's Steam Ahead

Every child’s dream is special. STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, & math) was designed to inspire students to pursue careers in these fields and achieve their dreams, as I did mine of becoming an engineer and a pilot. In the book, professionals from these industries speak to the children inspiring them to realize “I can do this!” It shows them that hard work and determination can make their vision of STEAM come true. *Written at the request and grant from Valero, and support from Boeing, USAF, USAFA, SoftBank Robotics.

Let's Talk Money

This book was created to give youth and their families a better understanding of financial situations and life decisions. More than one fifth of American households do not have enough money saved or set aside in case of an emergency. Most parents feel uncomfortable talking to children about money. Therefore, we hope this book will enable families to engage in positive conversation regarding finance.

Making It Better in Vallejo

This book was customized for the Vallejo Police Department with their logos and shields added to the illustrations to make it more relatable to local children making the police officers more identifiable and real to the children.

National PAL Book 100 Year History

Over the past 100 years the Police Athletic League has impacted the lives of millions of youths nationwide from all walks of life and socioeconomical backgrounds. To celebrate their anniversary, this book was a modification of No More Bullying, Making It Better with the addition of the history of PAL, current PAL programs and preventing truancy. The book is read to groups of children by police officers and then discussed to improve the relationship between law enforcement and children. *Written at request of Sheriff Activity League in San Mateo, CA

No More Bullies

Bully victims are two to nine times more likely to consider suicide. The story identifies the five types of bullying -- verbal, non-verbal, physical, emotional, cyber – and what to do when encountered. No More Bullies! teaches specific ways to deal with bullying, the importance of bystanders’ participation, and who should be informed about the situation. Included are guidelines created by social workers and counselors for parents on how to work with the school if their child is being bullied.--Written at request of Casper, WY school district using their policy on bullying.

The Fitness Challenge

Childhood obesity is an epidemic in the U.S. I grew up playing football and riding bikes across town. My active childhood continued as fitness was one of the pillars at U.S. Air Force Academy. The Fitness Challenge story shows how choosing proper nutrition and outdoor exercise is a good habit to practice while young and into adulthood. The book provides activities, the FDA food pyramid, and has an erasable calendar for children to track activities that enourage and motivate by seeing daily progress and success.

We Want Computers

In sixth grade my teacher, Mr. Finley, told me that I should go to M.I.T. and become an engineer. I didn’t know what either meant. The technology gap can still be great for children who do not have access to computers. We Want Computers! shows students what they can achieve when using computers and how a “new world” can open up for them. I wrote this book to be the Mr. Finley in children’s lives and to teach the importance of technology to fulfill future jobs.--Written at request of the Oakland Unified School District (Oakland, CA).